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Before we went to Albert's we popped in to a small Italian restaurant called Cacciari's for some lovely food and wine. It's just down the road from Albert's and if you want to book the same seats as us, book table 12.

Being a member of The Golden Network has certain advantages - like invites to celeb hang-outs like Albert's Private Club in Kensington.

Ex Manchester United footballers Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs were enjoying a night out there a few months before us.

Other well-known visitors include Harry Styles (Singer / songwriter), Jeremy Clarkson (Ex Top Gear), Lindsey Lohan, Pamela Anderson and James Blunt (Singer).

Albert's is a large club with lots of small "cubby-holes" where you can plot the overthrow of the entire Roman empire ... or just have a cuddle with your lady.

The bar is great for posing on ... so long as the staff don't catch you !

Chatting with my good friend and hostess Victoria Salem (CEO The Golden Network and the recently formed TGN Coaching with opera singer Katerina Mina)

Also present were many people from banking, finance and a rep from The Devonshire Club offering us special membership.

Partying with beautiful, brilliant women is kinda how I roll these days !

Membership for Albert's Club can be either be a one-off payment of £2,500 or £650 per year with a £250 joining fee.

Next Dinner @ Sercy's then to the Devonshire Club