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Even though I had been to The Shard before, I really wanted to stay in the Shangri-La hotel because of all the great things I had heard about it.

Just like any other woman, Beata wanted to go shopping first, so she could really appreciate the London experience.

We found a small market along the Thames where she bought some stuff for her three daughters.

We made our way to the reception. We could tell straight away that we were in for an amazing experience. The Shangri-La is a 5-Star Hotel and just oozes class.

It's a great place if you just want to hang with your friends and admire the spectacular views over London, especially at night.

We were shown to our room on the fortieth floor. The receptionist explained how the various gadgets worked.

The room with views over the river Thames with simple decor.

The bed was a huge king-size double. There were switches to lower huge blinds if things got too much. Nice artwork was placed around the room.

The bathroom was very posh, large mirror with embedded Sky TV, twin sinks (him & her), heated toilet seat with bidet, shower and bath.

I can imagine an entrepreneur lazing in the bath watching the prices of stocks, shares or even precious metals while his wife used the WiFi to check their P2P lending website.

After we had been thoroughly amazed with our room, we went for a wonder around the hotel. This is the lobby.

Everywhere we went there were the most spectacular views of London.

If you want to impress your girlfriend / wife / partner just sit them down here.

There are many bars on many levels. This particular bar was full so we moved on.

What's the point of having a grand piano if you can't drape a beautiful woman over it !

We explored a bit more and came across this odd piece of artwork.

One of the advantages of having a model girlfriend is they always know how to pose !

If you're going to pose - do it with style.

What the hell laid those ? Some kind of giant metallic Pterodactyl ??

More spectacular views over London.

The amazing views over London are best enjoyed with a glass of Champagne or two.

Beata enjoying the views over London in the Gong bar on level 52.

Day Two