Welcome to Our Experiences

Our Experiences is a street-level look at the elite networks, high-profile events and venues around London and other venues around the world.

Because of our many high-profile connections in many business networks, we able to get invited to some of the most prestigious events in London. This website documents our experiences.

About Us

Peter Blue is an software developer, investor (inc P2P lending), creator of crypto-currency trading bots, business networker and is responsible for the funding, development and running of websites like British Women Artists and many others. He spent many years in the British forces.

Beata Korabiowska is an established artist, poet, publisher, photographer, translator, model and business networker. Her work can be found here: Beata Expressions

We now have many international connections in finance, investment and the arts. In the coming months we will be creating a special service to connect like-minded people together.

A week in Faversham with trips to Broadstairs and Canterbury

24 Hours in Faversham Market town of Kings

Our trip to Sitges, Spain (Catalonia) and the Dolce hotel

The Elite - London at Wycombe Air Park

Polish Spring Dinner & Dance at South Kensington

Beata recites her poetry at Club of Acts and Actors

Le Trompette in Chiswick

WiseAlpha in Canary Wharf

Porsche Cayenne Preview in Chiswick, London

Searcys @ Gherkin then Devonshire Club

Albert's Private Club with The Golden Network.

CrowdCube's 7th Birthday Party at The Botanist, London.

Festival of Business at The Hilton Hotel (Syon Lane) London.

The Polish Ball at The Sheraton Grand Hotel (Park Lane) London.

A double-fun night The Darbaar Restaurant and The Golden network.

Art in the Lancaster Hall Hotel and some lovely music too.

Polish Jazz Monika Lidka and her band.

Shangri-La Hotel Our stay in The Shard, London. Day Two

The Russian Ball This where Beata and I first met. It is a spectacular night and well worth going to.

Videos from various events.

It's not what you know or who you know ... it's who knows You.