Welcome to Our Experiences

Our Experiences is a street-level look at the elite networks, high-profile events and venues around London. We will also cover how to get invited to these events and the kind of people you're likely to meet including investors, bankers, art connoisseurs, start-up founders and the occasional celebrity.

We will also cover other countries when the opportunity presents.

About Us

Peter Blue is an investor, business networker and is responsible for the funding, development and running of British Women Artists, Sporting Dates and many others. He spent many years in the British forces.

Beata Korabiowska is an artist, poet, photographer, translator, model and business networker. Her work can be found here: Beata Expressions

We now have many international connections in finance, investment and the arts. In the coming months we will be creating a special service to connect like-minded people together.

It's not what you know or who you know ... it's who knows You.