Home - Festival of Business @ Hilton Hotel (Syon Park)

Hosted by Hounslow Chamber of Commerce the 2018 Hounslow Festival of Business took place at the Hilton Hotel (Syon Park) on 8th February 2018.

It was created to support Hounslow and West London’s vibrant economy. The Festival of Business provides businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and services, attend a unique opportunity to network and make valuable connections.

The Hilton is a 4-Star Hotel and quite spectacular, so Beata took the opportunity to show-off her artwork there.

Peter and Beata.

Love the gold chandelier.

Beata and James Brewer (Freelance journalist in business, shipping, energy, insurance & arts)

Beata and her daughter Magda show-off Beata's artwork.

Peter, Beata, Magda & Nadia

Magda shows James Brewer (Freelance Journalist) the new website, Beata comes over to look.

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