Home - Searcys at the Gherkin then The Devonshire Club

Today was going to be another double day of fun. We had often seen the London landmark known as "The Gherkin" on TV, so we decided to have diner there on the assumption that the views would be spectacular.

... we weren't disappointed !

Searcy's in on two floors. Level 39 is the restaurant.

To get the bar, you go back to where the lifts are ...

... up a spiral staircase ...

... to the bar, which is actually right at the top of the building in the large dome.

Because of the location, security was similar to most airports: There was an x-ray machine (with trays) and you had to walk through a metal-detector.

Some more wine before our next appointment.

Next was the Devonshire where TGN had invited members of it's network to meet Rosie Stancer.

Next Porsche Cayenne Preview @ London

We were a bit early so availed ourselves of the Devonshire's amenities.

We met-up with Victoria Salem, CEO of The Golden Network and other members.

Next Porsche Cayenne Preview @ London