Home - CrowdCube`s 7th Birthday Party

Due to our numerous connections to financial institutions around London we often get exclusive invites. CrowdCube (Seed Investments) decided to host their 7th birthday party at The Botanist in London and as I'm one of their investors, Beata and myself got an invitation.

As we had never been to the Botanist, we arrived early to get a 'feel' for the place and weren't disappointed with the food, drink or the d├ęcor.

The actual party was downstairs, so we grabbed our stuff and went there.

We arrived quite early hence the deserted dance floor !

Many of the drinks companies that had funding from CrowdCube provided free drinks in the deluded hope that we would all notice their brands while guzzling down their alcohol !

Brewdog supplied their beer in a gold coloured bowl

Even though the place looks empty, it filled-up shortly after these photos were taken. It was a mix of investors, start-ups (looking for seed capital) and the CrowdCube founders: Luke and Darren.

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