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The Russian Ball is held at the Grosvenor House Hotel every November. This particular one was held on 4th November 2017.

Prices range from £300 (Business), £450 (VIP) and £600 (SVIP) but if you book early you can save £50, and if you know some key people there can be further reductions.

This is Beata and Yoshi by the celeb board. Yoshi only came over from Japan for the ball and went home shortly afterwards.

Here is Beata standing by the balcony. Beata is an artist.

While Beata, Yoshi and myself were busy taking photos, we were joined by Lord Alan West (Baron West of Spithead) and his wife. They took 'Photo Bombing' to a whole new level by inserting themselves into our photo session.

Lord Alan West teamed-up with Princess Olga Romanoff for a photo session by the celeb board.

The Russian Ball attracts all kinds of people including politicians, high-ranking officials, celebrities and royalty.

Here we see (L → R) Lana Holloway (Model), Mark Moody (OK Magazine Social Editor) and Liz Jones (Politician)

Princess Olga Romanoff, Beata Korabiowska and Lord Alan West getting ready for a photo session by the celeb board.

Beata (Artist & translator) and Yana Raikes (Designer, act model, photographer, wedding planner & event Manager) by the 'celeb' board

Beata chatting to one of the many high-ranking dignitaries at the reception.

Lord Alan West teamed-up with some beautiful women for a photo session by the celeb board.

4th from the left:Mariya Spartalis (Private Banker), centre: Lord Alan West (ex Rear Admiral).

Peter Blue and Beata Korabiowska pose for a photo.

At events like this, it vital to harass anyone who is holding a camera to take photos of you and your friends (Thanks James).

L → R: Beata Korabiowska (Artist + Translator), Olga Daniel (Russian + 5 Languages + Law + Art), Peter Blue (Entrepreneur, Software developer & Business Networker) & Isaac Duffy (Conservative Party)

As you can see, the ball room is huge and spectacular. There was no shortage of wine that evening !

The band played a variety of music all night long while people danced. On our table (on the bottom left) is Miss World 1974 Ann Sidney.

On our table (363): Beata Korabiowska, Yoshi, Ann Sidney (Miss World 1974) and (Taking photo) Peter Blue.

A truly spectacular evening ... can't wait until the next one !

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