Home - Spain Day 4 - Lazing by the pools

After exploring Sitges and Barcelona we decided to relax by the pools. The Dolce hotel has four; A long one for actual swimming and three for cooling-off or just splashing around in.

There is a life guard stationed here from 10:00 to 18:00 (under the white umbrella). Towels are available for free to anyone who wants them.

The children's pool is about a foot deep and a bit warmer than the other pools.

One of the many lovely views from the Dolce hotel swimming pools.

After a hard mornings sunbathing, Beata bought some Catalonian lager (4 EUR / can). These can be bought from a small Dolce deli bar to the side of the pools along with other drinks and food.

After a few cans of Catalonian Lager it's back in the pool to cool-off, ready for the next sunbathing session.

After a long, hard day sunbathing we had dinner at the hotel's restaurant and had a few glasses of wine in the bar.

Behind us and through the window, you can see the breakfast tables.

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