Home - Spain Day 5 - Exploring Hotel El Xalet

After our Champagne breakfast, we availed ourselves of the gym and many photo opportunities around the hotel.

We also learned about a lovely hotel in Sitges called "El Xalet". We decided to find it and check it out.

We jumped into a taxi (there are many waiting outside the Dolce hotel) and went to Sitges.

Hotel El Xalet was quite easy to find and quite lovely.

The reception is quite spectacular.

This fountain didn't seem to have any water in it but the one outside certainly did !

We were shown outside in the courtyard.

There was a small swimming pool surrounded by dining tables - we made a mental note to have dinner there in a few days.

After our tour of the hotel, we went outside and explored the rest of Sitges.

A few steps later we came across this lovely building.

We were hungry and thirsty, so we looked for a place to eat and drink. As this is Sitges our search took about 2 minutes !

We found a nice little restaurant called "Local" run by Damien (from Manchester, UK).

Due to the choice of name, a Google map search will be very confusing (we spent 10 minutes going round in circles trying to find the place !), so just search for "restaurant bon estar" which is directly opposite and also very nice.

To help, here is a map that shows both restaurants :-

Here is Beata with Damien.

Afterwards we bought some new flip-flops for me, went back to the Dolce hotel and watched a spectacular wedding take place outside on the lawn.

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