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One of the advantages of having a Polish girlfriend is that you get invited to all the posh Polish gigs around London, in this case The Polish Ball hosted at The Sheraton Grand Hotel (London).

As we had recently attended The Russian Ball we decided to make a comparison.

We got to the Sheraton a bit early so a quick bite to eat + a glass of wine in the main restaurant.

We managed to drag the bartender away from all the waiting customers to take a photo or two - you have to get your priorities straight !

There were a lot of people attending, all had a complimentary glass of Champagne.

Beata showing off her lovely white dress.

The Polish Ball organisers kept the VIPs and normal people apart, at The Russian Ball everyone was allowed to mingle making it a much better experience.

The dance floor and the band stand.

The dining area and off to the right some Polish dancers start the evening off.

Here they are in their full glory

About half way through the evening, they put on an art auction to raise money, in fact they seemed to take every opportunity to 'nickel-and-dime' the attendees.

The Russian Ball, though much more expensive, allowed the attendees to enjoy the night with little harassment, making it a much more enjoyable and useful event.

We managed to harass some random person into taking a photo (or two) of our table.

The main hall is quite large, plenty of space to eat, drink, mingle and dance.

We decided to go up to one of the many balconies to get a better view of the proceedings.

The Polish Ball costs around £175 per person and is a good, fun night.

Photos of the night were on sale in the reception area for about £12 each.

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